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Reference Lists

Listing of References

In addition to maintaining good recommendations on your LinkedIn profile, it is imperative that you maintain a Listing of References during the entire period of your Job Search.  This will keep you ahead of the competition just in case a prospective employer requests it at your interview.

Executive Resume can help you organize and prepare a professional Reference Listing that matches your Professional Resume Package.  Every time you start a new Job Search, please ensure that you:

  • Contact each of your References in advance & ask for their permission to continue using them as a Reference;
  • Giving each of your Professional (& Personal) References a courtesy “heads-up” that you are looking for a new job will enable them to be prepared for the upcoming inquiries & provide that GLOWING reference!!!
  • Obtain updated Reference Contact Info will certainly expedite the Hiring Process;  always ensure the accuracy of phone #s, email addresses, mailing addresses, etc.
  • PLEASE continue to respect & protect the privacy of your References;
  • Don’t ever include your Reference Listing with random job applications (especially online);
  • Reference Lists should only be provided to prospective employers who are serious about hiring you.