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Cover Letters

  • Cover Letter Template(s) – Besides serving as a personal introduction to yourself, Cover Letters also give you yet another opportunity to present your qualifications to a potential employer…  Executive Resume can provide you with a professional template that can be edited for ongoing submissions.
  • Cover Letter (Personalized) – The majority of our clients go one step further by hiring us to prepare specific, personalized Cover Letters for every Job Announcement they are interested in.  This system has increased their chances of being invited for interviews since the Cover Letter very effectively highlights the skills & experience that match the job requirements.  Besides the Professional Resume submission, the personal letter gives you another chance of PROVING that you are the ideal candidate for the position!  A personalized Cover Letter is more than a mere introduction, expressing your interest to a specific company…  it PROVES that you are the IDEAL candidate for the position!

“Thank You” Letters

  • TIMING is crucial with “Thank You Notes” after each interview…  Plan in advance & schedule an appointment with Executive Resume after your interview to develop an effective follow-up letter that can be extremely helpful in moving the hiring process along…

Letter of Resignation

Resignation Letters – Executive Resume can assist you to leave your current employer as gracefully as possible.  A courteous letter will not only help you make a smooth transition, but also ensure that your “soon-to-be” ex-employer will give you a good reference in the future!