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LinkedIn Services

Need a strategic assessment and screen share review to let you know

where your Resume (and/or LinkedIn) can use improvement?


Di4Resume can share some industry “tips & tricks” with you and give you some EXPERT advise on the strengths and weaknesses in your career portfolio documentation. Resume Writing & Design is an extremely specialized art which Certified Writer & Career Coaches devote many years to master. Di4Resume has the expertise to update & leverage your “branding power” with POWERFUL presentations that will engage Recruiters, Hiring Managers and decision makers.

Hire a former Corporate Administrator & Federal HR Specialist who can share some industry “tips & tricks” that you can easily implement to:
☒ Improve your “Presentation of Qualifications”
☒ Strengthen your Professional Branding
☒ Pass Automated Tracking Systems/ATS
☒ Get more interviews!


☑  Di4Resume can help you transform your image and communicate the correct message to Recruiters and Hiring Managers.
☑  Resume writing & design is extremely strategic and I can answer your questions and provide expert “tips & tricks” on what can be improved to make your resume (and/or LinkedIn) STAND OUT.
☑  You will speak with me personally, Dianne H. Millsap (“Di4Resume”), owner of Executive Resume LLC to obtain EXPERT advice on the strengths and weakness of your resume (and/or LinkedIn Profile).


☑  CONTACT US via call or text to (714) 600-8422, or email to di4resume@gmail.com.


If you are interested in transforming your professional image and start communicating the correct message — let’s talk!