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Executive Resumes

The fact remains that job security (as we used to know it) no longer exists! Today most of us have to be in a CAREER DESIGN MODE constantly looking for a new job or a promotion.

I urge my clients (armed with outstanding, professionally prepared resumes) to move beyond job satisfaction to lifelong career fulfillment, because jobs “come and go”, but once we get into the CAREER DESIGN MODE, we start to build a future…

Why use Professional Resume Writers?

Because they can help you BUILD YOUR FUTURE! Resume Writers are objective third parties with the expertise to draw out relevant information from your work history, tone down the extent of your achievements, if necessary, and provide strategies for overcoming any difficult or negative aspects in your job search. Resume Writing & Design is an extremely specialized art which Professional Resume Writers devote many years to master. Executive Resume has advanced knowledge of ongoing industry trends, buzz words, and appropriate formatting which will enhance your professional resume package and effectively MARKET your skills.

Unparalleled advantages of using EXECUTIVE RESUME…

  • Annual updates
  • Personalized Service
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Unlimited (FREE) Address Changes
  • Career Assessments, Coaching, Interview Preparation
  • Corporate, Federal, & Military Transition Experience (30+ years)

Career Investment

You will never regret the cost of your Professional Resume Package since it is a worthwhile investment towards the enhancement of your career and achievement of future goals. However, if price is your ONLY concern, then we might not be the right company for you since expert resume creation is an extremely detailed-oriented, creative process which requires:

  • Personalized service;
  • Career/Achievement/Targeted Goal analysis;
  • In-depth Client Consultation & Strategy Sessions;
  • Professional document design, writing & typesetting.

Military Conversions

Executive Resume continues to work extensively with military personnel from various bases (including San Diego, Coronado, Miramar, Camp Pendleton, etc) and has considerable experience with military resumes and conversions to civilian terminology. We have successfully prepared thousands of Professional Resume Packages for military personnel of all ranks & provide ongoing assistance with Career Marketing Materials for their job search.

Civil Service/Federal Resumes

Executive Resume works continually with Civil Service employees of all levels to prepare successful application packages for in-house promotions; transfers; and new Agency opportunities. (Projects include: Federal Resumes, KSA’s, etc)